Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wanted -- A BRIDE !!

This could be funny if your sense of humor is as twisted as mine, The gems are highlighted for your pleasure :

Part 1. The uber cool SMS vocabed cosmo dude

Hi, this is XXXXX(NAME CHANGED FOR POSSIBLE LEGAL ISSUES), commonly known as Joy. Basically I'm a Mechanical Engineer and MBA(Marketing & Systems). I'm working for DCM-HYundai limited as Manager-Middle East Operation. I stay in Dubai coz I operate frm here. In my Partner I'll look for a definitely beautiful, really fair, well educated and from a good falily and cultural background. I'm liberal in thought of doing job of my partner, its her own chioce, bt she shd b honest to me 100% always, as i promise 2 b d same to her, coz all problems hv solution in discussions. I promised 2 b d best hubby and dad in this earth(I'll try my level best 4 tht). so, basically a beautiful look and mind is required to proceed further. Doctors and engineers and well educated r preferred. who'll b willing to stay in dubai the city of gold 4 atlest initial years and knowing the household work a bit, atleast cooking. Coz I cant cook and aftr marriage i really wanna stop hotel foods other thn occasionally. I lv music, i cn compose and sing a bit n lv driving fast bt controlled. i'm a gold medalist engineer and passed MBA also with A Grade. My partner shd some some bengali culture though its nt necessary tht she shd only b frm calcutta, she cn b frm anywhere in this world, bt preferrably a bengali gal, coz they r the most beautiful both from inside and outside. Anyone of us cn b contacted 4 any deatail what so ever. thts it. ggod luck to all d viewers of my profile, hv a gr8 day.

Beautiful from the inside and the outside, now I am confused !!!!

My Family:

We r a perfect 4. Father, mother, son and daughter. Father is a retired Railway officer-a double M. A person who in my lifetime didn't say single lie which we children r also trying to follow, he didn't utter any bad word till date and hving no addiction towards tea, smoking or drinking, Mother is a housewife-the most simple and beautiful mother and best in ths earth, My elder sister is a v beautiful lady who is a computer engineer ws working 4 big multinational in dubai, nw gone back to b'lore to settle down there;brother in law is also a mechanical engineer and sole designer of all reputed brand-Gap, Gucci, Denim, Wallmert etc. ws also working in UAE with Embee intl, bt nw gone back to B'lore to settle down there hvng cuple of real big offers as indian style industry is booming. myself is already described. this is my sweet little family.

Errr designed Wallmert did he , good for him !!

Part 2. The sportsman, chak -de -india

I am an INTERNATIONAL PLAYER. I am Representing INDIA from last 10years. I am LAXMAN AWARD winner. Honored by GOVERNER of Uttar Pradesh & I also recived best player in INDIA Award. My nature is very frank. I believe in healthy relationship. I am ambitious, confident, fun loving, practical, caring, extrovert Indian boy. I went abroad more then 40 times, & represent India in 32 Country. I'm working in reputed company. May I know yr ans. plz? just tell me R U interested or not with my profile.we don't believe in caste war sushant here our contact no. is :XXXXXXXX