Sunday, November 12, 2006

Me and me-in-a-dress

One time:
Me: do girls masturbate?
She: Of course
Me: i mean do the desi females masturbate?
She: some do.
Me: do you?
She: Fucker do you?
Me: atleast once on weekdays and twice on a sunday.
She: make that a double for me.
Me: eyes roll around the socket in sheer glee

Another time:
Me: Which is your fav : girl-on-top or boy-on-top??
she: neither, doggy is the best
Me: on the bed or the dining table??
She: the dining table of course, no no make it the office table.
Me: Of course (eyes are now ready to pop out of thy sockets with even greater glee)

Yet another time:
She: I discovered this amazing site, check it out.
Me: what?
She:, its got free porn sweetheart
Me: (reaching for the browser) what was that url again?

Some time:
Me: what were you doing in that bookstore where I met you??
She: Browsing through some books of course
Me: Anything specific?
She: it was the kamasutra.
Me: smashing

And so I've met me, me in a dress and a black top and red shirts and the works looking all shagadelic hot!! And by god Im fucking great baby.