Sunday, November 12, 2006

Me and me-in-a-dress

One time:
Me: do girls masturbate?
She: Of course
Me: i mean do the desi females masturbate?
She: some do.
Me: do you?
She: Fucker do you?
Me: atleast once on weekdays and twice on a sunday.
She: make that a double for me.
Me: eyes roll around the socket in sheer glee

Another time:
Me: Which is your fav : girl-on-top or boy-on-top??
she: neither, doggy is the best
Me: on the bed or the dining table??
She: the dining table of course, no no make it the office table.
Me: Of course (eyes are now ready to pop out of thy sockets with even greater glee)

Yet another time:
She: I discovered this amazing site, check it out.
Me: what?
She:, its got free porn sweetheart
Me: (reaching for the browser) what was that url again?

Some time:
Me: what were you doing in that bookstore where I met you??
She: Browsing through some books of course
Me: Anything specific?
She: it was the kamasutra.
Me: smashing

And so I've met me, me in a dress and a black top and red shirts and the works looking all shagadelic hot!! And by god Im fucking great baby.


Dreamcatcher said...

Is this like a gradual unveiling?

Rimi said...

Trust me, if we see her face we'll all immediately tell you you're very lucky indeed. What's scaring you? ;-)

But what a find. What a find. *clap clap*

La vida Loca said...

I am really happy for you.
May you and you in a dress be covered with hickies (or bite marks if you prefer) for eternity ;) :P :)

M (tread softly upon) said...

jhantu finally meets his match what say? good for you and have fun (not that you need any telling)

M (tread softly upon) said...
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Anonymous said...

Good Jhantu that you have met your match. Now you can find oil in every sense ;-).

Machade guru!

freespirit said...

WOW! The mighty Jhantu meets the perfect woman. What were the chances eh? Now tell us, whether she likes you back or is this all just one-way traffic and you drooling all over her blood red manicure, while she rolls off the bed to smoke a ciggie?

Anonymous said...

2/10.....not ur post but the pathetic hand's for jobbing??

ravi said...

chothu ab to le hi lena........just F*** her

Anonymous said...

is she sakshi?

hedonistic hobo said...

good for you buddy. so do you like you, the newfound avtaar of you?
she's the same lady of pretty hands fame no?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, one moe bites the dust ??

ria said...


Anonymous said...

how about a picture of her feet?

Nautilus said...

Congratulations! Looks like you've finally met your on dude!! Whats with the hand-fetish though?

Anonymous said...

"she" is your mom ?

Twisted DNA said...

What is the address of the book store you met her at? ;)

partly cloudy said...

first time visitor here.
forgive my ignorance, but who's jenna jameson?

that girl in pink said...

he he! congrats!