Monday, September 28, 2009

Another one for the month

Just closed out one more 180 man tourney, played well, ran good, feels gooooot. Thats 2 for the month. So all in all September has been a good month in terms of profitability. Much love and appreciation for the knickers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Friday, September 18, 2009


fpiderman fpiderman
Fpiderman Fpiderman

Take a bow Manmohan desai, Vishal Bharadwaj is in the house.

After a couple of superb India-esque adaptations of Shakespeare classics, Bharadwaj's latest offering pays tribute to the 70-80s mad-caper-fultu-commercial-formula driven bollywood pot-boiler (the likes of Don, Amar akbar anthony, Sita aur geeta, Namak Halal) and manages to come with a recipe that atleast in someways reminds you of the great gangster mad-capers of the late 90s-early millenium (lock-stock, layercake, snatch, Pfiction).

While the madness/energy/entropy diven whatever can go wrong will go wrong logic is not quite at the same level, as say that of a Lock- Stock (I might be biased here btw as Lock-Stock remains my favourite movie of this genre), but it would suffice to say that Bharadwaj does a darn good job, atleast 80% of the time.

Quirky and eccentric characters, that are kind of a mainstay for this genre, are beautifully set-up and available in plenty.

Chandan Roy Sanyal as the coke snorting, perenially high, supra-unpredictable, and as Charlie says "Mental hai Faala", youngest brother of a Bengali Don trio is the show-stopper of Kaminey. Its a shame he didnt get a bit more screen-time and a bigger shame that the obvious love-angle between him and Charlie that had so much potential was underplayed later on. Hell, Charlie even married a girl in the happy-ending climax, though he did name his bookie-shop after his one true love Michael.

But the one character that kind of lacked the eccentricity/quirkiness and sometimes felt a bit dull and what I think is surely the biggest sore-point/let down of the movie is that of the pivotal Bhope-bhau character, the jai-maharashtra mouthing marathi-manoos don. This one had so much potential, but Bharadwaj didnt quite rope this one in nicely. For example the scene where Bhope bhau and Michael play a fake wooshka-wooshka gunfight, while Michael is superb, Bhope-bhau seems a tard mundane. I liked the character of his right hand man/brother-in-law much better, the one who loathes at the frequent threat of his mother will be fu*cked (teri maa ki *****) if he botches the job, from Bhope bhau.

Another let-down was the climax, Bharadwaj needed to up the antes a fair bit more than what he ultimately settled for.

Both PC and Shahid were pretty good, PC more so, as the pregnant marathi girlfriend.

All in all, Kaminey is a "good" movie in my book, it came close to being on the great list and had the potential of being a Tarantino-eqsue love-fest (the one in which I develop a supreme man-crush and start touting bummers like Grindhouse as masterpieces), but unfortunately Bharadwaj showed a little bit more restraint than he should have. He held himself back, that teeny tiny bit more and that in the end made all the difference.

Greatest scene : Charlie and Michael, holding hands and singing "Fpiderman fpiderman" in the rains.

fpiderman fpiderman
Chota Fortcut

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Closed one-- finally

After some disgusting/disappointing runs over the past week (1/24 to out in 18th after JJ<88, when 1st was 4.8k ) I finally managed to close a 180-man tourney last night. While the money wasnt great 400ish, feels good to finally close one.

I also have a coaching session scheduled with a top tournament pro on friday night, really looking forward to it.

Oh and Jennifer's body is here, at last !!!!!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Is an opus magnum. Available on torrent. Not for the faint of heart, typical Von Trierisque manic depressive captivating movie and a brilliant performance by Gainsbourg (Cannes Best actress, 09) as a regular housewife who turns into a vindictive, self-mutilating, genitia hacking, husband blaming/killing monster after their child dies in an accident while the couple is busy humping like theres no tomorrow. Defoe is good as well. When will this be in US theatres??

Talking of movies I was thinking of 5 of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen and this is now firmly in second place. The hallowed list
  1. The clockwork orange (Kubrick)
  2. Antichrist (Von Trier)
  3. Shining (Kubrick)
  4. ..
  5. .. (multi-way ties for the 4th and 5th spots).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting the hang of it

Slowly I am getting the hang of playing big field (1000 peeps+) small buyin (<$15) Multi table tournaments (MTTs). I strung together two 3rd place finishes in the last 7 days for a total of 2.3k playing these huge field MTTs, one had 1200 entrants ($11) and the other had 2500+ ($5.5). While I was super disappointed to get 3rd in both, but whatever.

Good start to september. Now lets try and maintain the momentum.