Thursday, August 13, 2009

New found motivation

I have set up a goal to play atleast 10,000 hands in the pokerstars/Fulltilt 6-handed cash game this month at the smallest stakes to try and get some of my confidence back+solidify my game a bit. Lets see how it goes. Also stars is offering a bonus of upto 300 bucks for new deposit of $600, so these hands will count towards the bonus-whoring as well.

Note to self: Fold 67o in all positions except the button.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Frustrating tournament poker

Over the past 10 days, I played 2 live tournaments both of which had a some-what decent payday and managed to bust both in spectacular fashion.
The one that hurt most was a $125 tourney that got about 55 people. I was playing my A++ game and with about 30 left I had about 2.5 times what everyone else had and was feeling super. Usually if I start a live tournament well, almost always I close it out, finishing atleast in the top 3. Not this time, and not in the past month it seems. Since my back to back wins in live tourneys, towards mid june my live record is :
I've been making some really brain-farty decisions, getting impatient/anxious, not thinking things through, and massively overplaying AK and each time running into KK/AA.

I got super frustrated and went back to grinding Heads-up cash online . Also started playing 6max cash. Currently playing at low stakes and averaging about $22/hour.

Anyhoo theres a big $322 tourney in September, which I won last year, and if I am feeling ok will probably play that.

Till then live poker is :