Thursday, May 15, 2008

dogfight dognames dog-eat-dog dogma

Please be seeing.

And of course DO NOT MISS the precious rediff message board accompanying it.

Appetizer from the same:
How to test if a men is gay ot not. now, simple. if they are fan of SRK, very good chance they are gay.
Their early symptom, they like to wear colorful cloths, wear perfume a lot, they have dimple on face like SRK, or they wish that they had. they always take side of SRK in debates, fight with other people, even though it does not matter what they say. They see Karan johar movie 4-5 times.
They respect girls, they love rani mukerji, they hate big B and all who are better than SRK.
They cry easily, and very emotional. They become full gay by the time they reach 30.


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