Monday, March 09, 2009

Playing the Coushatta 1k

I dont usually like playing in small-buyin casino tournaments (primarily because of the mind-boggling testicularly retarded slowness of live poker vs online poker), but a friend convinced me to take this trip with him, later this month, to Louisiana for the Coushatta Casino 1k buy-in main event. Hopefully the event attracts atleast 300 players (so that 1st is atleast 50k to make the trip and staying in hotels for 4 days worthwhile, FYI: I hate travelling), but given the current economy that might be a stretch.

Anyway 300 is the magic number, if they get less than 300 players I'm out, not worth my time by any stretch.

Anyhoo today was bloody sunday of online poker, and somehow I convinced myself to play some sunday special donkament tourneys : Results : 0/11. LOL Donkaments.