Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A live tourney win

I havent played live poker for a very very long time, so yesterday I decided to play in this smallish semi-decent tourney (structure-wise) that runs in houston every monday and thurday. Its a $60 buy-in, gets about 45-50 players and 1st is about 1.2-1.5kish.

Starting table description: huge donks all around who have no clue about tournament poker, insanely loose in the early stages literally playing any 2 cards and insanely tight in the later stages and closer to the final table/money, 1 semi-decent middle-age player.

Some hands:

1. my stack 6500, 50/100 blinds: I havent played a hand and open 3-6cc UTG to 300, old man next to me calls, one of the better players (BP1)(very tight though, about 10k stack) raises from the button to 1k, I call, old man folds. Flop 3 2 K (one club), I check call 800 bet (??), turn 6d, I check shove his bet and crack Aces, upto 11k. Start building up a loose crazy table image.

2. stack 10kish, 50/100, I call an insanely bald-bad-middle-eastern (BBME) player's utg limp with 55 from utg+2, 2 more callers, serial killer (SK) looking horrendously bad player makes it 350 (??) from the button, utg bad-player calls, i call, flop KK5 (nutzo baby), checks around, Turn 7, utg bets out 700, I flat, button hems and haws and hollywoods (we are'nt on TV you stupid fuck) and calls, river 7 (board 5KK77), fuck me.. utg leads 1400, i snap fold, terribad button hems and calls, utg shows A high, button shows QQ.. sigh donks, down to 7.8kish

3. stack 9kish, 100/200, BP1 ( semi-decent player from hand 1 limps), I complete SB with KcTc, BB checks.. flop Qc9c6c, i check, super-donk-middle-aged (SDM) BB leads 200, BP1 calls, I tiny raise to 900, SDM calls, BP1 calls... turn 5d, I lead 1350, SDM snap folds (???), semi decent player starts hemming and hawing, asks me if I have 2 pair and fnally calls, river 2d, I bet out 1350 (live players do not cll big river bets) and again BP1 hollywood calls, and mucks and says I had 2 pair on the flop (???? did he limp Q9/69/Q6 from MP, roll my eyes).. upto 15ksih

4. stack 13kish, blinds 100/200/25(antes), I open KhJh UTG to 575, donk middle aged next to me flats, donk in cap next to him flats, new semi competent young bluffy player (moved to our table, with 9k behind, played with him before) raises to 1700, I shove and get hollywood folds, upto 16k.

5. stack 16kish, blinds 200/400/50, I raise QcQs utg+2 to 1250, insanely tight middle aged donk in red cap snap shoves 5k, ultra short MP snap shoves 1.5k, I call and see Q7h and J8o and hold, upto 22kih.

No notable hands for some time after this, till with about 15 left the following hand occurs.

6. stack 28kish in the BB, 400/800/50, Semi decent player (BP1 from #1,#3, 23k behind, doesnt like to flip/race with decent stacks) opens utg+3 to 3700 (this means he either has JJ-, or AQ+), folds to me, i look down at TsTd, and shove, he gets all fidgety and looks in pain and finally calls with AKo, I win the flip and am chip leader with 40k+.

Final table. I am chip leader with a big stack 70k+, table has plenty of donkeys, bunch of short stacks (6 paid) and no decent players at all, but blinds are getting big

7. stack 70kish, 500/1000/100, I open 5c-8c UTG to 2200, another big stack terribad middle eastern young player (friend of bald dude from #2, 35kish behind) flats, flop 862r, I lead 2250, get called check down and win versus AK. (hmm didnt want to show my hand there).

Start opening liberally and get little resistance till players start pointing out "u opening lot of crap i think, u bully, one hand and you'll double us up" and some such shit, so tighten a little.

8. stack 80kish, 600/1200/100, I open 6c7c in UTG to 2900, good-natured-rich-terrible-at-poker lawyer shoves 11k from MP, I call and see him tabling 9dTd (????), flop 6d8dTc (flopped the joint), turn Qc, river Js, ok no biggie doubled up an ultra short stack thats all.

Hand dead till the following hand comes up,

9. 8 left,stack 55k, 600/1200/100, I have AsAc in MP,utg+2 (16k) opens to 5100 (??), bald-middle-eastern guy(30k) raises to 12000, I shove, utg+2 snap calls with AQ, bald guy hollywood folds and I hold.

Kind of easy sailing from there and go into heads-up with over 5:1 chip lead and win KQ vs AQ to take the tourney down. I might play this on thursday again, if I can haul my ass into the car for the 20 min ride. Easy money for the takings.

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