Tuesday, December 08, 2009

24 days of christmas

Inspired by this thread in a high-stakes poker forum, a bunch of my poker-playing buddies at Houston decided to adopt a few families for Christmas and buy for them stuff like food, toys etc.

We went with this one.

We've already made one trip to Walmart and bought stuff worth about $450.00 (mostly toys and food). Hopefully as more and more poker players (ppl I dont know, but others do) in the Houston area, start chiming in we can make a few more trips to Walmart.

The cool thing is that, at this time we have had donations as little as $10.00, but in the grand scheme of things all of these have added up and contributed tremendously to this sudden spur of the moment idea.

A big shout-out to Alex, Htownkid (Matt), Javi and many others.

Godspeed and happy holidays.

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