Friday, January 08, 2010

New fav movie

My memory is kind of on a self-granted vacation and I cant for the life of me remember where I heard/read the interesting reviews for this one, but man o man, this is one helluva ride.

Its like Kill Bill on a heady cocktail of acid, meth, coke and steroids.


Its a Japanese movie, where the Japs have gone pretty much nutso (theres a super crazy anti-harakiri ad campaign that should be played over and over again), shit funny gore (be ready for plenty of it), some super thrill-based-horror, a leading lady who likes to cut her wrists, often in manic frenzy , a new breed of criminals called the "Engineers" who have some bizzaro but novel mutation whereby their wounds turn into deadly weapons,

a villain (a bioscientist), a serial killer who murders women with an array of razor sharp suction pumps before hacking them up into tiny pieces and neatly storing them in a carton with not a drop of blood spilled at the crime scene.

The movie is quite novel, extremely fast paced (goes ape-shit berserk at times) and rates very very high on the gore meter. Apart from Antichrist this is definitely one of the more bizzaro movie I've seen in my lifetime. The only thing disappointing about TGP is its pathetic and downright sloppy back ground score.

Ratings: A
Warning: If you have a girl in your life who is squeamish, lock her up in the attic, grab some popcorns, turn up the volume and enjoy TGP.