Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Unlimited holdems

I'm debating playing a live poker tournament on saturday with 8k for first ($320 entry, about 80-90 runners, super weak field nullified by a horrid structure). For the uninitiated live poker is the dantes inferno of boredom, especially for those like us who are used to playing a million tables simultaneously online and used to non stop action.

The pace of live poker can crush Mother Teresa's giving soul and God have mercy on you if you are at a table with whinny guys. I never win with AA so I try to lose the minimum with it, is one of the freakishly standard line that I hear whenever (if ever) I get out to play these live donkaments. I was once at a game where the guy next to me played every hand in which he had a 3, he whispered to me half an hour into the game you see it man? What I ask, There are atleast a couple of 3s on the flop today every other hand man, I tell you 3's the lucky card for the day. I aint folding any of those treys today, he rumbled on in his texas accent.

Then there are those dumbos who have watched too much poker on TV and hollywood up every hand they are in, they'll take an eternity to make the most trivial decisions, put on their sunglasses, pull their caps down, if they are wearing a hoodie in the sweltering texas heat they'll make a huge song and dance of pulling the sweats up and then start staring you down. If looks could kill, there would be a massacre.

I'll put off my decision till saturday morning, if i wake up in time, then i might give it a go, else you always have

Oh on a more and important side note, if you are looking to make a cool million, well make that 5 cool millions, look no further. The race for the millions though is already on.

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