Monday, August 16, 2010

funniest (?) divorce post

Well, I follow this great blog by a very strong and very successful indian poker pro. The guy is going through what is apparently a messy and prolonged divorce and recently he made a uber awesome funny(?) post about this (wife's name is priti FWIW) :

Unscramble the following - "IRIPT" ... to define the following:

A type of snake, extremely slimy in texture and highly poisonous. Often pillages the nests of other nobler species, robbing them not only of enough food to satisfy itself, but much more out of what scientists believe to be unusually heightened levels of greed and malice. Because of its serendipity and pilfering skills, the "IRIPT" usually lives a life of luxury despite not hunting for itself. Because of above average physical characteristics and an intrinsic ability to hide aforementioned characteristics of greed and malice, the "IRIPT" is able to mate successfully outside of its species, often mating with exceptional hunter-gatherers. However, the "IRIPT" is believed to be unilaterally unhappy regardless of circumstance. Scientists hope that for the benefit of other species as well as to the environment as a whole, the "IRIPT" is on its way towards extinction.

I know its kind of crummy to LOL @ this, but silly me I did. Sorry Niman. I can think of a few i knew who would fit this description to a tee, hell certain letters of the IPRIT anagram may overlap as well.