Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Love-101 model

A girl who was trying to date me once said "If you put a man and a female donkey in a room all alone for long enough, theyll fall in love". Of course, not to mention, that turned out to be our last date. But then again in hindsight when you think about it, suddenly the intense philosophy behind this statement hits you hard, real hard on the face.

And then you start wondering. Deep, dark, ominous thoughts cross your peanut sized brain and leave you all confused. So what is it for God's sake, you cry out aloud, what is the secret behind this man woman corundrum. Does love actually exist or is it just a completely random phemomena with a white spectrum, essentially meaning it is nothing but noise, which cannot in any way be correlated to decipher any kind of legible signature?? My gut feeling is it is. It is much like the random primal soup that had a zillion in one chances to have just the correct ratio of all the correct ingredients to spawn life on planet earth.

Lets for a second consider the complexity of the Love-101 model. In its simplest form it is an N-dimensional problem (assuming of course that the human psyche can be represented with an N dimensional matrix), a highly undetermined system (is Poopi really right for Poopa, doesnt Loopi who Poopa will never meet in his life the perfect match for him??), has a gazillion number of undefined parameters which need to be optimized before one can make any sense.

Now any model that has so fucking many parameters and knobs to adjust and tweak, can only be possibly approached in a probabilistic sense, meaning that you wont have an absolute answer. What you would have instead are several multiple realizations/scenarios, each of which are equally likely to happen and none of which are wrong. So while one scenario sees you making love forever to your current girlfriend, happily and merrily getting married to her till death do to you part, another scenario turns that very same boyfriend into a first rate jerk who sleeps around behind your back.

So what do you do?? For me I realize that Love-101 is nothing but Russian Roulette with a twist. There are a bunch of pistols (girls for me) lying all around me. They all have a bullet each in them but only one of the pistol has that magical silver bullet. I am going to shoot myself no matter what, the question is will I be lucky enough to choose that chamber with the silver bullet. Chances of that are 1 in 10 million (assuming an earth population of 6 billion).

But as Redd said "Fear can hold you prisoner, but hope can set you free". So I go ahead and play my Roulette convinced that Im shooting myself with the silver bullet. But am I??Moti are you reading this??


pdgir said...

Dont you know the golden rule of modeling?? All models are right but none of them are correct

chimes said...

"c'est le temps que tu a perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante" ~st. antoine de saint-exupéry

so how does the gardener take care of himself while waiting for the bloom?

"and I ain't worried bout a damn thang, with unconditional love." ~tupac

take care:)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

You mean to say buying a phone is as onerous a decision as finding the right mate?!


cupid said...

Hmm Russian Roulette and Love-101, interesting choice of words i must say. And stretching thw comparison a little too far , arent we??

sau said...

Very nicely constructed model i must say. And i agree with you these days, im more sure of finding a bf sleeping around rather than showering puppy love on me.

But hey lets fool ourselves in believing that this is the silver bullet. No harm in that ;-)

stanbabe said...

I can smell the emotional sentiness behind this post. Hope and fear and the lots

stanbabe said...

Oh and i forgot to add a nicely built model!!

jm said...

There is an extremely noticeable change in ur posting tones. Starting from a raunchy sexoblog this has almost evolved into a decent good read kind of blog.

Is this intentional/peer pressure/pressure of the other kind ;-)??

Oh and I completely agree with you russian R with a twist logic.

Anonymous said...

Who is moti?? Whats with the sting in the tail dude.
Bhery fishy.. hmmm
But must say a perfectly derived analogy with the Russian Roulette thingy.

babelfish said...

oy, don't blame me boss, I even have you bloglined!!! As for the rest of the cal bloggers I can see some have been here already and I'll link you once I get over my current never-ending lethargen :D

chimpee said...

So youve decided to get shot at long last?? Or is it just another attempt at trying to get shot????

dikkat theorem said...

abe ghoomele insaan!! ... junta ko chaatna band karo baap

rxm said...

Wonderfully weird model. But anyway all the best with your RR play. keep updating on how it went

raven said...

Isnt this a bit too a pessimistic viewpoint. I mean come on yea its always a chance, but i cant afford to wait forever and for that matter take the trouble of trying to go looking for one and all for that perfect ONE. Impractical and useless and futile exercise that would be.

So the obvious and logical alternative is to restrict ur model space to as few pistols (boys in my case) as possible. And the first few ones you try out, chose one amongst them and be happy. I dont want to remain a spinster at 35 after all ;-)

sakshi said...

dear all,

i am nt reely ok with my snaps posted all over but cant help,tis jhantu doesnt listen to me,

chimes said...

model sounds more like sex 101.

courage, not hope, will set you free. hope is a nice sedative but makes you a passive prisoner and won't attract Lady Luck. be a good man and she will have mercy.

dear sakshi, i feel bad if someone doesn't listen to you. i would not want that either. even they are cute snaps, still i am sorry. bye.

Anonymous said...

Hey chimes
where did you find the sex in the model. I thjought this is a commitment phobic guy's dilemna, didnt find the sex angle though.

chimes said...

anonymous inquisitor, are you being ironic?

i thought the model describes the calculated bondage of voracious consumption.

admittedly, love is also calculated bondage (marriage) but with the intent of some type of liberation.

sex is blind give and take. love is awakened pleasure given and received.

sex hurts because of the fear inherent in power struggle. love heals because power is relinquished.

this is an amazing model of existential angst. faith and courage is the only way to survive.

your Anima holds the silver bullet
though she looks like she's full of it
for you she is already wet
but you do not know that yet

chimes said...

sex is in the model because women are black widow spiders but may not realize it.

key to Anima is thru sexual chemistry and if you can survive that, then i think you can get connected to "the other side" of the www.

note: chemistry may not equal love connection.

michel said...

it is flattery to be surveilled. they are all jealous of each other, anyway. milk it.

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with you man, not only do you suffer under the illusion of being some kind of philosophical genius but you also believe that a girl that good looking would want to date you :)