Friday, December 21, 2007

Numbers game

The past two days I really havent got much time (i.e. undistracted time) to play, the house being full. I managed to squeak in a decent session yesterday on fulltilt starting off playing 1/2 limit and a combination of being card-dead/getting rivererd tilted me off so that I ended up dropping $80 in an hour and a half.
Limit playing is tricky than it otherwise seems, and its giving me more headache on tilt than elsewhere.

So i decided to put in an after dinner session on 50NL and 100 NL. Played really well and within an hour I had recovered my earlier loss to be back to even for the day. Infact would have made a small profit as well except that a player to my left made a spite call with A7-o after I had reraised him for the nth time with T-T and proceeded to spike his three outer on the flop door. But the board was super scary (A-9-K-K-J) and I lost the minimum. It seems that late night is a good time to play cash games as the players that are on are either tiring out or most of the regulars have gone. This is good thing to look into further. I'll be off for the weekend taking my paremts to San Antonio. So enjoy your vacation and god speed.

12/19/07-12/20/07: $20