Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Apple

Updated shopping list:

Mommy: i-pod+i-pod dock+speakers ---> check
Daddy: digicam ---> check
Sister: digicam --> check
Girlfriend: i-phone --> check
SELF: open to suggestions

Im really not getting enough time to play, so at the most I am putting in 1 hour sessions almost mostly on limit cash games. These are going rally profitable at the moment. I am also dabbling in no-limit short stack buy-in play and those seem to work as well.

12/16/07: 1/2 limit (fulltilt)
profit : $30 (20 mins)

12/17/07 : 1/2 limit (cake and fulltilt)
profit: $30 (2 hours, i got stuck in the fulltilt game where twice my top sets got rivered by 4 flushes).

I am trying to build my roll upto the 2-3k range on all the three sites I play, hopefully by the end of Feb (that would also be when I'll get more time to play). This time around I am hoping not to bust my roll by taking unrealistic shots and playing hugely outside my roll. (eg, sunday million, FT main event on 2k rolls).