Friday, April 25, 2008

random babel

Disclaimer: This is a general blabber thread based on the premise that I have time to waste and so I will waste it and if you read it then its a waste of time for you. Goodbye braincells.

As most if not all Indians know, the IPL is underway. There is an interesting snippet on Gaurav Sabnis' blog (too lazy to link it, go search on google/technorati/Baidu(if you are a chinese bored guy looking up cricket)) where he says that T20 is like a shot of tequila as compared to test match cricket which is more like a solid expensive scotch that "not many" can afford. I am a big cricket buff and avid cricket watcher (I have the disticntion of staying up every night from 1AM to 9AM watching the Pommie-Aussie Ashes classic) , and I have been trying like hell to watch and get interested in T20, but unfortunately (?) it doesnt quite cut for me. It seems soo darn BOORING, no excitement no drama, no critical stages/passage of play which you know is going to make or break the match, no stalwarth one-on-one battles, absolutely nothing that matches my definition of super exciting cricket. Complete utter waste.

By the way does anyone believe that Frasier is the greatest sitcom ever made??? I am so in love with it; have been ordering each and every season via netflix. On the same note how did the Raymond show ever gain popularity??? It is the single most braindead sitcom ever made, that coupled with the fact the Ray romano doesnt even make the cut as decent stand up comedian, his one man routines sucked, sucks and will suck. How did his pilot ever get approved???

My head hurts now... I am so enamoured by the sound of my own voice/words.
Anyway, that was that.

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