Sunday, April 05, 2009


1. People talking out of their arse at dinner parties.

2. Oh so you want to play poker for a living, wow thats kind of degen(erate) isnt it?

3. Gambling as a career, thats a first right?

4. How can slumdogg millionaire win even one oscar, its a pure desi masala movie yaar (usually from a dreaded desi chic who cant pronounce trainspotting).

5. You know, smoking kills.

6. I saw Pink Floyd in concert, did you know they are the greatest band of all time (sigh donk)

At this point, I think of Happy Gilmore, and try and conjure up images of a happy place, think of a happy place, do not, repeat DO NOT get sarcastic and start correcting them. But .... sigh