Thursday, April 09, 2009

On the Balla wishlist

I've been eyeing this piece for sometime now (well over 2 weeks to be precise), I saw it on a close buddy of mine who took down a 35k first place finish at the Bay shooting Star casino,CA, poker tourney last month (one I almost played, but bailed out at the last moment due to work commitments). Of course he's got an even balla time-piece, but this Breitling Super Avenger would do nicely for me. First I need a poker score this month, I have been running like a one-legged kenyan all of March, and on a mini 5k downswing.

In the meantime here some more balla time pieces for your viewing pleasure (snaps by Nat taken at the Bellagio 25k World poker tour main event, Las Vegas, last year, one on the extreme right belongs to online poker phenom Sorel "Imperium" Mizzi and is in the 75k range):

In the meantime I went ahead and bought a bunch of gold this week, primarily as a hedge, and also because the market is so damn expensive.

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