Sunday, May 17, 2009

big day tomorrow

Lately I have been playing cash games mostly online with the occassional shot at a tournament without much success. I can go on and on about the sick beats, coolers that I've had in tourneys recently, but then again I am not playing those too well either.
Usually when I am playing a couple of tournaments, I'd open up some Heads-up cash games and end up focusing on those.

Anyway tomorrow is a potential big day, am playing 4 biggies tomorrow. Heres the schedule:

  • $13 100k guarantee MiniFTOPS event 22 1:05PM
  • $126 1 million guarantee FTOPS event 22 1:00PM
  • $55 500k guarantee MiniFTOPS main event 6:05 PM
  • $550 5 million guarantee FTOPS main event 6:00 PM

I need to try and keep my focus as lately in tourneys I am losing my focus pretty quickly. Also RUN GOOD ONE TIME. Godspeed

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