Saturday, May 30, 2009

ship it

The 2009 World series of poker (WSOP) is underway and I finally managed to satellite into the main event on my 4th try via a $650 satellite on Cake. 3 seats were guaranteed (12k packages for the winners), I pretty much got into cruise control from 30 left and went into the final table 2nd in chips. Was a pretty easy run in the home stretch, something that has not happened lately in tournaments for me.

Anyway the package includes : the 10k tournament buy-in plus 2k in expenses for the main event or the 10k buyin plus 1k travel expenses plus 5 day stay at the Rio,Vegas.
Heres how the main event schedule looks this year:

Fri, Jul 3rd
12:00 PM
13-Day Event
World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em (Event 57)
No Rebuy/Add-ons
July 3,2009 12:00 PM Day 1A (3,000 players)
July 4,2009 12:00 PM Day 1B (3,000 players)
July 5,2009 12:00 PM Day 1C (3,000 players)
July 6,2009 12:00 PM Day 1D (3,000 players)
July 7,2009 12:00 PM Day 2A
July 8,2009 12:00 PM Day 2B
July 9,2009 12:00 PM Media Event
July 10,2009 12:00 PM Day 3
July 11,2009 12:00 PM Day 4
July 12,2009 12:00 PM Day 5
July 13,2009 12:00 PM Day 6
July 14,2009 12:00 PM Day 7
July 15,2009 12:00 PM Day 8
November 7-10,2009 TBD FINAL TABLE
Structure Sheet


All I need to do now is squeeze in a vacation from work, my wife will make the trip with me, her first poker trip, unless she has some really pressing issues at schools (her phd qualifiers are right after the summer). For the time being I redeemed the package from Cake-poker as there are a ton of stuff that needs to go right at work for my vacation to come through, allowing me to play. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.