Tuesday, June 01, 2010


  • May 26, 2010, Mumbai An IndiGo flight, waiting for take off, taxiies onto the runway where a Jet Airways flight is about to land
  • April 2010, Mumbai The tyre of a JetLite flight from Lucknow bursts on landing in Mumbai
  • April 2010, Mumbai An accident is averted when a Kingfisher flight is asked to abort take-off minutes before a Go Air plane is cleared to land
  • September 2009, Delhi 213 passengers of an Air India flight to Riyadh have a miraculous escape at the Mumbai airport when the left engine of the aircraft catches fire because of an oil leak
  • August 2009, Dhaka A Delhi-bound Jet Airways flight carrying 139 persons skids off the runway just before taking off from Dhaka
  • June 2009, Calcutta 268 passengers aboard a Singapore Airlines flight have a lucky reprieve when a fuel tanker meant to refuel the plane catches fire
  • May 2009, Mumbai Over 250 passengers aboard a Jet Airways and an Air India flight emerge unhurt as the two aircraft headed towards each other in Mumbai abort take-offs
  • February 2009, Dibrugarh An Air India flight to Calcutta averts collision with an IAF plane over Jorhat. The IAF plane was not flying at 19,000 ft, the height it had permission for.
  • February 2009, Mumbai A helicopter carrying President Pratibha Patil lands on the same runway where an Air India flight has begun to take off. The pilot applies emergency brakes.
  • January 2009, Delhi Former LS speaker Somnath Chatterjee and other passengers aboard a Jet Airways flight survive narrowly when the pilot aborts landing seeing a China Southern Airlines plane on the runway.
  • June 2008, Mumbai Air India's flight from Jaipur overshoots destination Mumbai and continues to fly before its sleeping pilots are alerted by the Mumbai ATC and asked to return.
  • July 2007, Indore A Delhi-Bhopal-Indore-Delhi Jet Airways flight touches down hard at Indore, bounces repeatedly and moves from the runway. It finally comes to a halt close to the boundary wall.

Once bitten twice shy does not apply to the Indian government it seems. Tragic

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