Friday, March 10, 2006

Jhantu vs Freddy

Any one of you guys seen "Jason vs Freddy" or for that matter the "nightmare on elm street" flicks?? Remember how Freddy looked?? Well right now Uncle Freddy would beat me hands down in a "whose the handsomest-- me or you" contest.. Try imagining an already ugly dude with two enormously swollen bags below both eyes, a quarter size bump on the forehead, and an ugly reddish maroonish color to all those bumps that hes collected on his face. If you can let your imagination run havoc, at the perils of having ghastly nightmares about this ugly to boot dude, then i'm in your dreams.


The Guy Next Door said...

Your Blog Name had me laughing for a long time. Awesome,man!!!

jhantu said...
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jhantu said...

sharad: i have been suffering from this depressing life-long complex tht i might actually be a jhantu of the highest order.. so this is my self denial outlet suggested by my shrink