Friday, June 16, 2006

Superhit Muqabla

Ten most exotic googling/blog-googling ways by which people arrive at this blog:

10. s*****e jhantu
09. me jhantu
08. voluptious desi babes /desi teen (teen !! underage sex is not my thing)
07. desi sex
06. voyeurism (courtesy her)
05. jhantu has desi sex
04. jhantu desi babe fuck
03. bengali wife sex
02. moms sarees below navel (??????, how, why, where, when, me kaun hoo me kaha hoo)

and the no.1 in the list is:
01. sushma swaraj fucks

Now thats a reader base to be proud of !!!
Mea Culpa.


Anonymous said...

Well Jhantu..that is a thing you need to be proud of..

People obsessed with porn in the prestigous institutes of technology in the country are getting addicted to your blog..they wait for a new post like somalians wait for buns..

And yeah the no. 1 on the list takes us to and it tops your list!!

Please explain how!!!!!

And yesh Jhantu you rock!

jhantu said...

@anon: how the fuck do i know where it takes u to.. all i know is that sex obsessed dude and dudettes reach my blog typing that out..
and i know i rock, but thanks for giving me that ego-boost

av said...

moms sarees!!!
which of your posts had that ????

ria said...


wisemoron said...

yeah...I am also wondering about the saaree thing. Btw I reached here through expiring frog but that doesn't mean that you are wrong. Rock on...