Sunday, June 04, 2006

First date

Girl and the boy dress up in their second best suits (the first obviously being the birthday suit, which you dont wear to a first date, maybe after it if you are lucky), boy picks up girl, they talk shop in that blue stallion, on the way to that date they had talked about for the last two months. He has a fantastic evening all planned for her. San Francisco though is a tricky place and boy has this knack of getting lost even while driving in a straight line. Thus the boat meant to be ridden under the full moon and the twinkling stars by boy and girl leaves the docks while boy , girl and the stallion still try and navigate their way through crooked San Francisco streets in convoluted circles.

Im sorry he says, thats all right lets take a walk she says eyeing his rock-n-roll date-unfit tshirt with trepidation, while he eyes her white shirt and purple lipstick and combed hair with the same trepidation. He should have dressed a bit more formally, she looks so much nicer without makeups.

My fav eatery I'll take her to he has planned, but boy ends up not finding the eatery and they spend their time walking around shady San Francisco streets going round and round in mile long circles trying to find that Paki place that boy wants girl to eat in, but has somehow disappeared on the day of the date. Finally boy runs into a place which is not Paki, looks at girl who is rubbing the soles of her feet from all the walking around in those platform heels in search of that ellusive Paki place.
I think we should eat here. Yea we should.

And so over plates of butter chicken and chicken korma and naans boy and girl have their first date, both shy, both nervous, they have never dated before ( and will never date again). Though the lamp has burnt through countless nights while texts and hmms and smileys and IMs have been typed on their laptops and phone cards have been charged and recharged and recharged again, a formal date makes them nervous, makes them defensive, makes them shy. And its not past midnight yet, and their defenses dont go down till the clock strikes the midnight hour. The pre-midnight hours are meant for things more normal in their lives.

Im sorry, I messed up, boy says as the stallion now roars through the deserted freeway. Thats allright, you know the place wouldnt have mattered to us, it was a lovely crappy date, she says with a smile.

Boy looks at his watch, the midnight hour has passed, their time has come at long last. He wants to reach out and hold her hand, maybe she wants him too, but they dont. They can only look into each others' eyes and see themselves holding hands and kissing softly, but cannot actually hold hands.

See you tomorrow, he says at the parking lot, even as her phone rings that familiar ringtone reserved for people more important to her. Theres something for you though, he says. She turns back with a What look. He opens the trunk and gives her a half-feet long skeleton. It sings for you, he says, try it. She presses the button.

Im losing my head, over you, day and night, over you, Im losing my head.

She looks at him with a touched amused look, you are an idiot says her eyes. He hopes she can take the skeleton, she couldnt take the flowers he got her the first time they met.

Its lovely, she whispers, forgetting the now angrily buzzing phone.

He laughs nervously and proudly, nervous whether she would take it and proud that hes got her something he knew she would love. Their eyes lock for a minute, its the goodnight kiss their eyes see.

She turns around the skeleton still in her hands and whispers a soft goodbye. He stands there seeing her walk to the doorway, her hair bouncing in the wind, her lipstick almost gone and he could hear the skeleton singing.

Im losing my head, over you, day and night, over you, Im losing my head.


sonali said...

Uve turned romantic :), but its nice. And though it culd have been a really crappy date, but somehow I felt it was beautiful.

rai said...

Thats a wonderful first date, really really wonderful. But why is there a tinge of sadness to the way its been narrated??

Anonymous said...

Thats allright, you know the place wouldnt have mattered to us, it was a lovely crappy date, she says with a smile.

Lovely line from what i guess is a lovely special girl.

peeya said...

Awww this is so romantic a first date, did it reely happen?? And the song the skeleton sings, AWWWWWWWWWWWW

chimes said...

god fucking damn. you are an awesome writer. the last line had me break out in tears. that's got to be a sign of a good writer.

kudos! many keen psychological details of behavior and thought all in one short piece.

one way streets suck, don't they.

cupid said...


that girl in pink said...


innocence and romance...haven't come across that in a while.

why no more dates?

jhantu said...

@pink girl: aahh now that is a million dollar question ;)

jhantu said...

@chimes: one way street?? this is street with no name ;)

Anonymous said...

You might actually be a decent date and not a groping jerk

chimes said...

hm, no name... good one!

StillWater said...

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