Thursday, May 25, 2006

In bed with a Desi babe--part 1, the foreplay

Now people we all know that we the liberated in-our-20s-desis are part of the Gen-X bandwagon, but still, for most of us, SEX is a three lettered medusa like loathsome creature with a 1000 evil heads and eyes. And thus most of us grow up without ever talking about sex with any degree of sensibility with any of the more sex-educated person in our family (eg, a mom or a dad or that favourite uncle who is NOT a paedophile).

I dont know about you but the closest my dad came to having a sex-eduaction duscussion with me was when my mom discovered my huge collection of porn mags and videos. I still remember with vivid details the lecture he gave me which ended with the following precious line "Its ok to be inquisitive, but you should not try any of these". Hellloooo!! I was all of 14 and even if I was spending wet nights fantasizing about threesomes sandwiched between a buxom blonde and brunette, there was no fucking way I could actually try those and get those butt-kicking awesome fantasies to come true, could I? For one thing that blonde and the brunette would take one look at my pre-teen willie and squeal in delight You think that's gonna do anything for us sunny boy.

Thus armed with this sex-deprived handicap and , as further evidence of God's twisted sense of humor, the sex-handicapped desi-babe runs into me. Let me clarify a thought right at the onset. The Indian woman in bed is a fascinating species. A kind of X-manish-Mystique like character who never ceases to confuse you with her in-bed-histrionics, most of which are pretty lousy and amatuerish to boot.

Lets first look into the foreplay aspect of things. In her defense, I should say though when it comes to foreplay my desi-babe is pretty ok. That is these days. BUT when we started out, WHEW!! My man I must tell you it was one awful ball-game to be in.

She, you see, wasnt truly sure what to do with her tongue. Now me being extremely sensitive and caring do understand that, after all she did let me stick my tongue all the way into her mouth till I could examine her toncils, which is a good thing.

But what failed me though was why did she end up biting my lips and for gods sake my fucking delicate tongue, in a really painful fashion more often than not. Infact things got so bad that whenever a hot kiss was on, the voice at the back of my head would go Mind your tongue my man, mind it dont let her bite it off. Now she might have thought that it was damn sexy, but sweetheart let me tell you it was fucking cannibalistically awful. I spent more time thinking about my tongue's possible short-future-life-span than about that hot kiss, when we were making out. But then in her defense (being your friendly neighborhood chauvinistic pig) we did have some kick-ass messy wetty and great make outs later on. One on a particularly unsuitable piece of furniture still stands out.

And then there was the groping. Now I firmly believe in the saying that a makeout is only as good as the groping and the probing that your hands and fingers can do. Trust me when I say this that my desi-babe did let me do all the groping and probing I wanted to do. She let my hands and my fingers wander up and down the length and breadth of her frame with infinite degrees of freedom. That was again a good thing.

BUT and this is a big BUT. It took me several days of those foreplay sessions before I could actually get her to grope me down south on my anatomy. I am a generous lover and I am proud of that, I let my desi-babe have all the orgasms and climaxes that she wants to have, but I dont want to go home after those groping sessions with a tent sized elevation between my pants and jerk myself off in the loneliness of my damn bathroom sweetheart. I would have appreciated if you had done the honors during our groping sessions. While I appreciate my hand smelling all shitty and funny with your sex all over it, but believe me when I say this I would have liked to return the favour to you in an equal if not greater measure.

And then when all the foreplay was done we finally decided to move onto the more oral aspects of our smashing sex life. But then thats another mystical and painful saga all together. Let me keep that for part deux, till then get seduced in truly desi fashion.


Anonymous said...

was you desi babe a bong?
i wager 10 to 1 that she wasnt.

Anonymous said...

Complimentary accompanying post seem to be up on this blog and the one you referring to jhantu

wannabe blogger said...

He He, jhantu is sad for not being groped down south by his lady.

This is funnyyy

chimes said...

good one.

did u try to teach her right and wrong? you know, discipline and punish? like withholding sex?

cupid said...

Waiting for part deux

ria said...

Very interesting, so our resident sex expert is back with condemning his desi babes to sexual incompetency land!!
And a nicely put in link too

chimes said...

re your first paragraph, that's why this blog is important as sex ed. and it's funny. keep it coming. ;)

Jammu said...

what a bong, I mean blog!