Sunday, May 07, 2006

To dos

a) Finish Reading :
1. Cryptonomicon: Neal Stephenson (fnished.. super read)
2. Bend in the River: V.S. Naipaul (finished.. too verbose)
3. Animal Dreams: Barbara Kingsolver (finished, dull ending)
4. SETI 2020, Ekers et., al
5. Crime and Punishment: Fyodor Dostoyevsky (started)
6. The Monkey's Wrench: Primo Levi
7. Crome Yellow : Aldous Huxley (super start)
8. Snow Falling on Cedars: David Guterson
9. Autobiography of an unknown Indian : Nirad C Chaudhury
10. A man in full: Tom Wolfe
11. Pickles: Brian Crane

b) Submit a fully theoretical paper to Geophysics

c) Cut down smoking from a pack and a half to less than 10 a day

d) Get 3.5 laks INR for gollu.

e) Pay off credit card debts.

f) Get the balls to
1. go to Dennys without missing her.
2. delete the idiot folder from yahoo
3. convince yourself that she was not the most important person in your life ever.

g) Make a 10 day trip to Central Africa every year (btw those of you interested in volunteer work in Africa please visit, those in California volunteer batches start from md may)

h) Adopt atleast two more children through cry.

i) Try and blog as regularly as possible.

j) Try and become a bit more conventional.


chimes said...

chimes here. hey sorry, i was POI (posting under the influence) last night. won't happen again. i have to tell the damn voices to shut the hell up. rest assured they will not show up again.

crime and punishment... yeah, anything by dostoevsky is f amazing. very passionate. snow falling on cedars, um, movie was boring but hope the book's better.

just to let u know, i haven't met you before, but i went to berkeley once upon a time. we are 100% human so, would you forgive me for abusing your space? well, i made it over mine in 1 piece. a new life awaits and u deserve it.

wow cry- ur a good man. =)

Prerona said...

Have just been told by friend that his doc said cutting is no good - might as well have ur fill if you cant stop all together ... :)

stanbabe said...

Have you read brave ner world? i did start it but didnt end up finishing it finally

Anonymous said...

Why of all places Africa?????

Anonymous said...

Try and become conventional. didnt get that dude?? Insecurities abound i guess!!

sau said...

I read Tom Wolfe and that book is definitely good and definitely needs a read if uyou havent read it already. I aint a big huxley fan and do think that chrome yellow is a bit over hyped. But ull enjoy Wolfe for sure.

pdgirl said...

1.5 packs a day!! Now now thts definitely streching the limit.

on a related note go see "thank you for smoking" to deal with this to do bullet

orkut said...

Of all places why DEnnys?? They serve the greasiest food in the whole the US of A. Go someplace decent dude.