Monday, May 08, 2006

A word of thanks

This blog is 2 months old now and fortunately (for me) or unfortunately (for the readers) now has a decent sized reader base. When i started this blog I had no clue what to write about or even if there was a point in writing something. After all who in their right mind would want to waste time perusing mediocrity churned out at an alarming daily rate by yours truly when there are so many more interesting things to do. But to my delight Ive been proven wrong and for that I thank you dear readers.

Many of you, whom Ive never met and probably will never meet, even take the pain of emailing me, some of which are hate mails and some of which are really nice. I dont reply to any of them, not because they arent of any value but because I dont know what to write back to you. But again many many thanks for those emails. The two burning questions that most of you ask though is the following : "Is this blog a creation of a sex obsessed prick ?" And then of course the million dollar question about "this blog's two central characters -- the economist and the baby" whom I keep referring to with alarming regularity.

Heres my answer:
You tend to write about things which you are good at. And for me the only thing Im really good at, is being horny and having sex and so I write about it. Be it phone sex or sex in a car or sex in a pub or sex in a bedroom or sex when I am high. So yea it is a sex fiend's blog. If i start writing about current affairs/books/sports/humor, then believe me when I say this that a conversation with a dodo would seem more engrossing . Hence sex it is.

As for the "girl(s)", many of you claim to know her and most of you, whom I have never met, have a mental picture of her. Many of you are puzzled by the fact that which is which? Is the girl with the snap the girl potrayed as "Black widow baby" by me or is she the other one? Many of you even offer me counselling via emails and relate this blog to experiences with your ex-es and currents.

But hey let me clarify; what you get from this blog is just half the story. My side of the story. A complete different take exists at the other end of the spectrum where Black widow baby is an intelligent, caring, well read and extremely decent person and where even though most of you think that there is no way that jhantu's economist girlfriend reads this shitty horny crap and is still with him, she actually does !!

And finally for the sting in the tail, the blog was started when I lost one of my closest if not the closest friend. That pissed me off really bad and I needed a place to vent my feelings out. And thus started my rants in bits and bytes at this url. And now two months since I'm sill pissed, but pissed with me that how could I let that friendship crumble to dirt. Talk about being a prick.



peeya said...

Beautiful post. More Awwwwwws

chimes said...

awwww, good to know u are fine. r u gonna talk about porn? what do u think about mischa barton?

riddhi said...

Nice post. But as chimes says how come no mention of porn??

jd said...

Well blogs are meant for u to write whtever you want. But then there is something clled self censure as well, as long as u feel you are exercising self-censure as best as you can , its fine.
Your blog is pretty nice btw and a very enjoyable read, though it does give hte impression that u might be a first rate prick. LOL

eccentrica said...

Nice name dude!!

eccentrica said...

Well Im new to your blog and just started my own blog as well, kudos to me. But anyway you have a real spicy blog going here I see. Cool and ths one comea highly recommended as well ;)
Keep up the spicy posts.

chimes said...

jd has a good pt but i wanna know from jhantu, what r ur guidelines for selfcensure? the process of taming is inevitable, oh well.

it's easier to think that to "take care" means to be verry careful.

chimes said...

but the danger! alas, tis life.

sau said...

More Awwwwws and Hmmms for possible introspection on your part. Mush is it??
Please say noooo

anon-x said...

You seem to slowly but surely reverting to mush. Nooo dont, this blog is destined to be a spicy pornographic blog and not a mush filled hush.

sakshi said...

ato kichu likhecho keno,wenever i see something big i dont wanna read

Anonymous said... may be human after all.

stanbabe said...

Another Awwww for you. God this post has gotten you too many Awwws. But nice post, preety heart warming

Anonymous said...

Such confusion! Either be a prick no one would take home to their mother in their wildest dreams or the awww types! You cant have both you know.. u just come across as a pathetic, confused 13 yr old with an identity crisis :) (and the raging hormones)

jhantu said...

@ everyone: Awwwwwwwwwwww, whats with the Awwws btw??

@eccentrica: who is god's name recommends my blog?? lady i tell u ur in seriously doped out company.

@jd, chimes:do nt beleve in the concept of censure, pricks u know need to be censured else they wont be pricks anymore.

@anon-x: will try and live upto ur expectations, i promise

@sakshi: for improving ur reading skills

@anonymous-last: i didnt ask for the Awws. But hey even pricks need a few Awwws from time to time, just as a break frm more interesting non-mom non-Awww activities, ;-).