Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dismantled Class Project

Ok so I am taking a 5 credit film-making and scripting class this quarter where you get to learn about cool directors from all over the world (incidentally both Ray and Ritwik Ghotok are featured) plus you get to take cool trips in the SFO district. Perfecto I hear you say.

Unfortunately there is a small hitch. To get any kind of decent grade the class requires a project. You need to make a 30 min short film and script it. And I realized that I've got just about 4 weeks to do something about this. So i decided to spend the whole of today trying to invent a film, a film that would harbinger a new wave in modern cinema --Jhantuism. Maybe even the b-school and ms&e dumbos will have a case study on me after my 30 min film makes a billion dollars : "Jhantuistic path to success -- it pays you a billion to be a jhantu".

An hour into fantasizing about these definite "maybe"s, frothing at the mouth, testosterone, adrenalin, nicotine and all other bodily hormones being produced at an alarming rate, halfway through consuming a pack of camels, feeling extremely horny, I finally had it!! Yes.. that film which would change the face and boobs of world cinema was there in my head.

And just as Archimedes had leapt out of his bathtub screaming Eureka, Eureka!! at the top of his voice , I in a similar Archimedisque mental state leapt out of my bed, without a string on my body screaming O Yea Baby, I have it!! at the top of my voice, rushed down the stairs and made a mad beeline dash for the telephone in the living room to call up my would be heroine. I had to start filming it right now.

Honey I just got this brainwave that would make me a billion dollars. But I need you for that. I need to shoot a porn film starring you, me and your Venezuelan roomie. Can you come around in half an hour's time with her.

Cut to half an hour later. Knock knock, I rush downstairs wearing my newly bought sexy Jap robe, ready to greet my girlfriend and her roomie, my two darling heroines with open arms and in a few moments with an open robe. I open the door with a million dollar smile pasted on my face Hi sweetie, Wher... Awk, OO... Wooow

Cut to another half an hour later. I find myself on the bed, my robe is open, my loins are throbbing with painful pleasure, so this is it Im finally filming it and having a threesome at the same time. But the bed seems strangely wet,must be all the sweat, its a threesome after all. I raise my head, shes standing near the window, Oh Ok shes probably taking a break. Heroines do that

I think I'll replace the ice now , she says turning to me. Im all confused. Ice, what Ice? Was I good sweetie, did your roomie like it? I dont seem to remember it too well. The sex must have been rocking. She walks upto me takes an ice bag off my loins and puts on a new one. I look down, my balls look fishily shrivelled. You know jhantu I should have kicked you harder,knocked your balls right off.

And then I fainted, again. CUT!!


sakshi said...
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chimes said...

decadent that robe is. i see the ennui but not quite the eroticism. like the ice part but what about a poetent and wilde plotline?

rockies said...

Hmm so finaly the balls have been kicked to hell. Good

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

have u considered trading up?? ur gurl dosent quite seem worthy of u

Anonymous said...

i mean, my chicklette once agreed to a 3-some with a married chick who was 3 months pregnant, start looking around