Friday, May 19, 2006

When Robert Frost took a walk in the woods

One day Robert Frost, that guy who writes those poems that people like me find difficult to understand, decided to take his poodle doggie for a trot. Living in the countryside and being surrounded by moors, the best place to walk the dog was the surrounding woods.

Walking towards the woods, led by his pooping poodle, lost in thought, dark, deep and heavy, ever-ready for the verses till they are properly wrought, Robert Frost hit a crossroads of some sort. Two clear roads diverged into the woods. He stood there, as if shell-shocked, and wondered, though in reality there was little to be pondered. But difficult poets you see do wonder and ponder, a lot.

The first road, observed Robert Frost, was pretty, laden with a bed of flowers even in that cold English frost. Songbirds sang a beautiful tone, dove-tails accompanied them with the perfect baritone. Tones of rosy merrymaking, of joy and of wonderful love. Fruits hung from the branches, so delicious that they could rival those grown in the best tended ranches.
While the other road, observed Robert Frost, was dark and misty, snapping and snarling, threatening with dire consequences. A picture of gloom, of foreboding, sarcastic doom. Dare not enter this, Robert Frost heard her hiss.

And yet, when the choice was crystal clear, Robert Frost stood there and pondered. And then he took that road nobody dared travel by. For he knew that the path that now doom and scorn adorns, is alive with the sweetest of tones. A stairway to heaven thought Robert, is this path if trodden upon.

Will Cinderella dance again, Robert Frost pondered. Difficult poets I told you do wonder and ponder... a lot.


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ur blog's become such a frigging bore

robert frost said...

where have the sex posts gone?? ull lose your reader base, i fear

chimes said...

road 1: love the easy way- stand up, intervene, and lecture what they ought to do, from your perspective. then leave.
road 2: love the hard way- sit down, share a meal, and gain their trust over time. understand what they need from their perspective. and stay.

road 1: judge a person with bits and pieces gathered objectively through second hand sources. now you are an outsider.
road 2: judge a person with bits and pieces gathered personally, subjectively, through mutual trust and respect. now you are an insider.

road 1: assume that a janjaweed person suffers less than you because they harm others.
road 2: assume that a janjaweed person suffers more than you because they harm others.

taking road 2 is going to freak you out and make you face your fears. it's indeed the stairway to heaven.

rmx said...

confusion laden post, a post which shld not have been posted, due to its high bore quotient

Anonymous said...

Nicely written

sau said...

I liked the rhythm in the sentences. Nice writing.

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