Friday, May 19, 2006

First break

Cat scan of an oil reservoir in 2D in the gulf of mexico. For a sense of scale the horizontal extent is 16 kms and the vertical extent (indicating depth into the earth) is 4km. Image obtained using a new algorithm developed here that takes 20 fucking hours to run on a 64 node parallel computing environment. The actual reservoir is below the box marked C, incidentally owned by a big oil major. The solid block in the middle of the image with a dick shaped top, is a huge sub-ocean salt dome with steep flanks, that are notoriously difficult to image (see discontinuity in the box B as evidence). The layer at the very top is the ocean bottom.

This image confirms my suspicion that I should take the day and the weekend off and stop reducing my eye-life staring at a pair of LCD displays before I move to 3D.


saumitra said...

it's a good info provided by you

chimes said...

have a good break.

back to the darfur situation, do you think the same process could be applicable to understanding the depth of a person's soul, too? (in order to figure out how to identify and heal a wound).

from a distance, maybe sex, violence, and sadomasochism is the same in first/second/third world countries?

what's the equivalent of cat scanning to understand each other, i wonder? from 2D outside to 3D inside. seems that views from multiple angles is definitely helpful. but how to interpret into 3D?